SSL SEO Google

How an SSL Certificate Can Boost Your SEO and Customer Retention

When it comes to your business website, you would do just about anything to boost your search engine optimization (SEO) and keep customers coming back, right? From paying expensive consultants to implement best practices, to spending nights and weekends writing content the search engines will love, you are willing to do what it takes. While…

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website updates maintenance plan

Year Round Website Updates That Protect Your Investment

Today we are going to talk about how to protect the initial investment of your website build after your project is completed. After your website is built, it is important to understand that over time, your website can become increasingly vulnerable, especially when it is built on a popular CMS system such as WordPress, Joomla…

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responsive web design google seo

Responsive Design. The Time is Now.

THE TIME IS NOW. In a continuous effort to provide a more solid online customer experience and to make the world’s information “universally accessible and useful,” Google has updated its mobile search algorithm to increase the popularity of mobile-responsive sites, and to rank less responsive sites further down the viewer’s list. The time is now…

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Responsive Websites

“Responsive” is the word of the year.

In mid to late 2012 it was becoming clearer that the website design industry was adapting to “Responsive” websites as an industry standard. So what is a responsive website? Instead of building 2 completely different sites, 1 that is displayed on your computer and another that is geared for mobile or tablet, you use the…

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ipad and iphone compatible websites

Websites that work on the iPhone and iPad

Many of our clients are very tech savvy companies and they want their websites to be fully iPad and iPhone compatible. From a development standpoint this means that we need to use JavaScript instead of Adobe Flash for animations and video. Currently the iPhone and iPad (or any Apple device) does not support Adobe Flash.…

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